Our network is the result of 12 years of actively screening the market for the best breed of talented, senior professionals with proven consulting and/or implementation capabilities. Every Independent Professional (IP) in the network has been thoroughly screened and categorized, while we have built real-life working experience with many of them.


Philosophy behind our network

Client’s perspective

When facing your most critical challenges, you as a client want a partner that first listens to your need. You have concrete projects designed to address these challenges and engage consultants with relevant experience who are a pleasure to work with. At a fair price.

  • We know that as a client you know your business inside out, we listen and respond to your need.
  • We design our team and approach to your way of working, suited to your organization.
  • Our consultants are independent and we do have the freedom to choose the best amongst them, those who will fit and work with you.
  • Our consultants combine top tier background and industry line experience, their work and advice are grounded in reality.
  • Our consultants are independent and not in pursuit of a career track, they give full commitment and deliver great project.
  • Our cost structure is lean and mean, you only pay for outstanding work and exciting projects.

Consultant’s perspective

As consultants, we do value trusted relationships being at the core of our model. This relationship is what sets us apart. All our consultants are independent, they choose to work with us, or not, on any engagement. Our consultants are independent, but they are team members to us.

  • We heavily invest time and energy to get to know our consultants as unique individuals.
  • We not only leverage their experience, but equally their personal achievements.
  • The team is what makes the difference, in that perspective they will be working amongst peers and outstanding individuals.
  • Our consultants work among peers and we leverage teams of outstanding individuals to stand out and deliver value.
  • We don’t expect them to run the sales show for the next projects, only to deliver great on this one.